David Krippendorff is a US-German artist and filmmaker. Based in Berlin, he grew up in Rome and studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, graduating with a Master’s degree in 1997. During a five-year residency in New York, he was a fellow of the ISCP program and exhibited at numerous institutions and galleries, including PS1, The New Museum and White Columns. He was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship and has also received several grants in Germany, including from the Stiftung Kunstfonds and the Berlin Senate. His work has been exhibited internationally: ICA (London), Hamburger Kunsthalle, Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem), Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art (China), Aram Art Museum (South Korea). He has participated in four biennials (Prague, Poznan, Tel Aviv, and Belgrade) and in international art and film festivals.
His works are in major private collections of contemporary art, including Deutsche Bank, KPMG and the Alison & Peter W. Klein Collection, as well as in museum collections and art institutions such as the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the n.b.k. (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), the ARTER Museum in Istanbul and the RMCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Guangzhou.



1989 – 1996 Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
1996 Meisterschüler


2023 Presentation Grant / Berlin Senat
2022 NeuStart Kultur / Stiftung Kunstfonds
Pollock-Krasner Foundation
2021 NeuStart Kultur / Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst
2020 NeuStart Kultur / Stiftung Kunstfonds
Berliner Senatsstipendium / Recherchestipendium
2019 German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) residency, Berlin
2015 Berliner Senatsstipendium
2012 Stiftung Kunstfonds
2003 ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program), New York
2000-02 EFA-Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York
1997-99 Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin


2024 Things Fall Apart (Diskurs, Berlin) curated by Jung-Me Chai
2023 Those Who Remain in the Dark (Art-Lab Berlin) curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouil
Conflicted (C24 Gallery, New York) curated by David C. Terry
Art from Elsewhere (Lagos Studios and Artist Residencies, Mexico City) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Emilio Rapanà
2022 Minor Universes: Technology-led Emotions (Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China) curated by Li Zhenhua
Wie die Vöglein so lieblich singen (Jägerschere gallery for Contemporary Art, Wiepersdorf) curated by Nick Crowe
Vergoldet / Gilded* (Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin) curated by Harald Theiss
Vergoldet / Gilded* (Chateau de Nyon, Switzerland) curated by Harald Theiss
2021 States of Emergency (Momentum, Berlin) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Emilio Rapanà
Parallel Worlds (Ruhsor Museum of Contemporary Art, Samarkand, Uzbekistan) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Normurod Negmatov
Fragility I (Katharina Maria Raab Gallery, Berlin)
Art from Elsewhere* (Kunsthaus R3 Ansbach) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Emilio Rapanà
Timescapes (K.P.Gallery, Seoul) curated by Chiara Valci Mazzara, Ilwoo Lee
Points of Resistance (Kleinervonwiese, Berlin) curated by Constanze Kleiner, Rachel Rits-Volloch in collaboration with David Elliott, Jan Kage and Stephan von Wiese
2020 Paradise (Kleinervonwiese, Berlin)
In weiter Ferne so nah (Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin) curated by Marc Wellmann
COVIDecameron (Momentum, online exhibition) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Emilio Rapanà
2nd Bienal Internacional de Asunción,* (German-Paraguayan Cultural Centre) curated by Dannys Montes de Oca and Jennifer Rudder
Carbon Dreams* (Galerie Parterre, Berlin) curated by Elena Gavrisch and Alexandra Wolframm
2019 Show Me Your Selfie (Diskurs, Berlin) curated by Jung-Me Chai
Word Up! (C24 Gallery, New York) curated by David C. Terry and Sharon Louden
Bonum et Malum (Kleinervonwiese Gallery, Berlin) curated by Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Constanze Kleiner, Rachel Rits-Volloch, Stephan von Wiese
Connections and Fractures* (RMCA, Redtory Museum for Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China) curated by David Elliott
Show Me Your Selfie* (Aram Art Museum, Goyang Cultural Foundation, South Korea) curated by Jung-Me Chai
Über Grenzen* (Kunsthalle Bahnitz) curated by Bodo Rau & Lisa Schmitz
Power Struggle* (Mah-e Mehr Gallery, Teheran, Iran) curated by Katharina Maria Raab & Asieh Salimian (Factory TT Berlin /Tehran)
2018 Für Immer Blau (Kunstverein Duisburg & Villa Waldsteige) curated by Constanze Kleiner & Stephan von Wiese
Møenlight Sonata* (Kunsthal 44Møen, Møen, Denmark) curated by René Block
The Women Behind* (Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem) curated by Raphie Etgar
Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Katharina Maria Raab Gallery, Berlin)
Station Paradox (Momentum Worldwide, Berlin) curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch and Jung Me Chai
2017 David Krippendorff, Nothing Escapes My Eyes (C&H Gallery, Amsterdam)
2016 56th October Salon, The Pleasure of Love* (Belgrade City Museum, Serbia) curated by David Elliott
KIK eight (Kino International, Berlin)
2015 Himmelwärts* (Museum Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg)
Enhanced Vision – Digital Video, Digital Arts Community, curated by Kathy Rae Huffman
2012 Imaginary Travels (Amerikahaus, Berlin) curated by Laurie De Chiara
2011 West End* (Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel) curated by Raphie Etgar
Global Fight Club* (Meinblau, Berlin) curated by Bernhard Draz and Matthias Reichelt
2010 Remember Me (September, Berlin)
Celebration! (uqbar, Berlin)
2009 Don’t Push Me! (Galerie M+R Fricke, Berlin)
Childhood Stories (whiteBOX Gallery, Munich)
Broken Dreams Boulevard (artandgallery, Milan, Italy) curated by Manuela Gandini
2008 Videozone 4* (Video Biennial, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Mediations Biennial* (Poznan Biannial, Polen)
Wunderlust Berlin (Galerie Invaliden 1, Berlin) curated by Laurie De Chiara
Home bound* (Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle, Sylt)
Kunstinvasion* (Berliner Kunsthalle, Blumengrossmarkt, Berlin)
Wunderlust Berlin (Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles) curated by Laurie De Chiara
2007 Sleeping Beauty – The Gilda Series (2002-2007) (artandgallery, Milan, Italy) curated by Manuela Gandini
Review & Preview (Galerie M + R Fricke, Berlin)
Remember Me (Galerie M+R Fricke, Düsseldorf)
Borders* (MAN-Museo d’Arte di Nuoro, Italy)
Remember Me (Video Installation, S.Giovanni die Fiorentini, Rom, Italy)
Countdown (Galerie M + R Fricke)
2005 Rückkehr ins All* (Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg)
The Beautiful Island (Galerie M+R Fricke, Berlin)
Drawing the Line (Galerie M + R Fricke, Düsseldorf)
Expanded Painting* (Prag Biennale 2, Prague)
“In Wirklichkeit … ” (Kunsthaus Nürnberg)
2004 The Last Resort (Massimo Audiello Gallery, New York)
Multiplicity* (Phota House Museum, Ireland)
Amateur: Camera Buff (Suite 106 Gallery, New York)
Tactical Action* (GAS-Gigantic Art Space, New York)
The Winter Show (Galerie Laura Mars Grp., Berlin)
2003 David Krippendorff – Recent Works (Massimo Audiello Gallery, New York)
True Fictions- Inszenierte Fotokunst der 90er Jahre (Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken)
Breaking Ground (White Columns, New York)
Makeover (Massimo Audiello Gallery, New York)
After Matisse/Picasso (P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York)
2002 Videodrome II (New Museum, New York)
Over the Moon (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin)
2001 Berlin-London (ICA, London)
TV Dinner with Landscape (YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto, Canada)
Ticker Sieben (Galerie Gebauer, Berlin)
2000 Fabulae… Fabularum (Trans Hudson Gallery, New York) curated by Ombretta Agrò
Modell, Modell…* (NAK, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen)
1999 Rosa für Jungs/Hellblau für Mädchen* (NGBK, Berlin)

(*) = Catalogue

Video Screenings / Festivals 

2023 Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Concerto Film Festival at XNL Piacenza)
2021 Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival)
2019 Nothing Escapes My Eyes (BAM! Festival Contemporary Music Theatre, Volksbühne, Berlin)
2018 Kali (Concorto International Film Festival, Piacenza, Italy)
Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival)
2017 Kali (Braunschweig International Film Festival)
Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, Israel)
               (Cairo Video Festival, Egypt)
               (LOOP Discover Award, Centre d’Art MAristany, Spain)
               (LOOP Discover Award, Centre d’Art Contemporani La Sala de Vilanova, Spain)
2016 Nothing Escapes My Eyes (Concorto International Film Festival, Piacenza, Italy)
                                                (Syracuse International Film Festival, U.S.A.)
                                                (San Gio‘ Verona Video Festival, Italy)*
                                                (Berlin Short Film Festival)*
                                                (LOOP Discover Award, Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola, Spain)
                                                (LOOP Discover Award, Barcelona, Spain)
                                                (Rencontres Internationales, Paris, France)
2015 Nothing Escapes My Eyes (St. Louis International Film Festival, U.S.A.)
2009 Night of 1000 Stars (Blaue Nacht, Neues Museum, Nürnberg)
2008 Night of 1000 Stars & Behind the Curtain (Nuit Blanche, Ontario College of Arts, Toronto, Canada)
2007 Blame (Sterne aus Videopalast, Galerie NoD, Prague, Czech Republic)
2006 There’s No Place Like Home (Video Lounge, Miami Basel, Miami, U.S.A.)
2004 The Beautiful Island (Part 2) (Video Lounge Miami Basel, Miami, U.S.A.)
The Beautiful Island (Part 1) (Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival, Director’s Cuts, Bologna, Italy)
Blame (Basel art Fair, Switzerland)
2003 +/- (One Minute of Art for Aids -4664- The Concert, Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa)
The Dialogue (Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, U.S.A.)
Blame (Rotterdam Film Festival, Holland)
Blame (Mondovisione, K34, Berlin, Germany)
2001 There’s No Place Like Home (Berlin-London, ICA London, U.K.)
There’s No Place Like Home (Novalog / Contemporary Berlin Video Art, Rachel & Israel Pollak Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel)
2000 Behind the Curtain, There’s No Place Like Home, Beyond the moon… (Kunst 2000 Zürich, Serge Ziegler Gallery, Switzerland)
There’s No Place Like Home, Beyond the moon… (Wanted – Sampled Videos / Video Sampling, Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland; Berlin Open; House of Contemporary Arts, Trafò, Budapest, Hungary)
Videoprogramm (Barbara Thumm Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Badische Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany)
Modell, Modell… (NAK, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany)
1999 Beyond the moon… (Rosaceleste, Associazione Culturale de.genere / Link, Bologna, Italy)
* Best Short Film Award

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Works in following collections

  • RMCA, Redtory Museum for Contemporary Art, Guangzhou
  • Vehbi Koç Foundation, ARTER Museum, Istanbul
  • Hamburger Kunsthalle
  • Deutsche Bank
  • NBK Neue Berliner Kunstverein
  • Momentum
  • Kunstsammlung Krohne
  • Fondazione Mimmo Rotella
  • Alison & Peter W Klein
  • Jordi Pujol Collection, Barcellona
  • Klawitter Sammlung, Hamburg
  • KPMG Deutsche Treuehand-Gesellschaft
  • LBB Landes Bank Berlin
  • Künstler Senatsförderung
  • Deutsche Bahn